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October, 2018

Things to check while buying second-hand mobile

The excitement of purchasing a brand new smart phone is second to none. However, buying a new mobile phone will not be a viable option most of the times for many people due to specific budget constraints. Thus, people usually opt for second-hand mobiles online shopping as per their convenience in order to get the best phone at a reasonable price.

But, buying a second-hand mobile is always tricky as there are many fake mobile phones and faulty handsets in the market which vendors would try to sell to make maximum benefits. Here are a few things that need to be checked while buying the second-hand mobile phone:

  • Keep away from stolen mobiles: In the market, one would encounter with mobile phones that are much cheaper than the original price but with ultra-new look and specification. There might be a high chance that such handsets may have be stolen or misplaced by their owners as second-hand vendors modify with the motive of reselling it for a profit. But such handsets may get the buyers in the legal problems. So, to make sure that the mobile is not stolen, ask for any documents that support the genuineness of the device from the vendor. Also, check out for IMEI that appears at the battery place or type *06# to get IMEI number. This will confirm the handset originality as stolen mobiles will have corrupted IMEI.
  • Fake Phones: Another problem that people encounter while buying second-hand mobiles is that of counterfeit brands and handsets. Some vendors will design the outer parts such that the symbol and design of handset exactly resemble the original model. To make sure one is buying the original handset, it is better to go through the settings of the mobile where some of the basic features are mentioned. From there, the buyer can verify the characteristics and originality of the handset.
  • Hardware parts: Another important factor to check is the working condition of the hardware parts of mobile phone. Make sure there are no signs of physical damage on the device.

In all the cases if the mobile passes the test, then check for the cost of the handset and go for the price such that it is cheaper than original and comes within the range of your budget. Second Mobile Phones Online shopping can help buyers to choose best models from the market but to make sure that handset is original, above steps will certainly help make the final decision.

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