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Transportation and Logistics

July, 2017

Overcome the problem of excess luggage with unaccompanied luggage shipping

How many times did you face the problem of excess luggage on your trips? Well more often than not this is a big problem for travellers especially if you are a heavy packers. Not only does excess baggage pose a problem for travel but it also draws out extra money from your pockets. All airlines have a limit of baggage weight or number of luggage that per person can carry. Anything that crosses the threshold limit is charged extra by the airlines. This amount is also not a mere one. Thus one always wants to opt for cheaper alternatives and one such life saviour is unaccompanied luggage shipping.

One might be wondering how this is different from luggage shipment services. Well the major point of difference is that one doesn’t have the unaccompanied luggage sent up from their location and have them arrive at the destination prematurely. In fact it is quite the opposite. Unaccompanied luggage are those that do not travel in the same airlines as you. If one has extra baggage than the set limit then they can specify few of them as unaccompanied ones which are then sent to the same destination but via a different airline as costs which are much lesser than the ones than you have to pay for as extra baggage.

The method of unaccompanied luggage shipping is as safe as any other shipping service and only works in between the two destinations, that is the airports from where you depart and to where you arrive. However there are a few restrictions as to the goods that can be considered as unaccompanied luggage. Mostly all personal items of clothing and portable musical instruments. However dangerous goods like machinery, liquor etc or watches, jewellery, camera, documents and many other items are not permitted to be shipped as unaccompanied luggage.

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