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Transportation and Logistics

June, 2017

Why Shipping Those Bags Ahead Makes for a Better Start and End to Your Trips

The Telegraph says Britons spend nearly 340 million pounds a year on excess baggage fees. That’s about 1 out of 5 people who end up paying for excess baggage fees while 20 percent say they left must-have items back home just to avoid the hassle and stress of extra baggage charges. Another 31 percent admitted they had to remove items from their luggage as a last resort.

Want to sidestep these problems? Try shipping excess baggage ahead.

No need to worry about long queues

By having your bags shipped ahead to your hotel, you won’t have to worry about being stuck in a long queue to the check-in baggage counter. You can avoid all that hassle and remove the need to rush to the airport. You can take your time, which is an excellent way to get your holiday off the ground with a relaxing start.

Less handling problems

One of the common problems with airlines is that they often subject your bags to improper handling. If you don’t want to see your bags with fresh scratches, dents and dings, shipping excess baggage is a good idea. Since many of these delivery companies are all about baggage delivery, they focus on ensuring first-class services for their clients unlike airlines that have a list of other things over which to express concern. That’s why these companies are in a better position to offer excellent handling treatment and services. If you want less wear on your bags, ship them instead of checking them in.

Lower stress levels

Keeping an eye out for your toddlers while your arms are loaded with bags isn’t exactly a restful start and end to your vacation. By shipping those bags to your hotel and back home, getting through those hours in the airport will be less insane and far easier on you and your peace of mind.

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