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October, 2017

Using Photos in Wall Décor: Great Ideas

Family photos, vacation photos, landscape photos from road trips — they all make for great wall décor. Here are some ideas for using photos in wall décor at your home.

Canvas Wall Art

Do you have a great picture of your family, of your family pet, of your parents, or of a favorite locale that would look great on a wall at home? You can have large canvas floating framed art made for much less than you might expect. You can even order it from the comfort of your own home online and use photo editing tools to tweak the picture, too.

Photo Clusters

Framed photos don’t need to be parallel and carefully measured. In fact, a great trend is photo clusters, whereby you pick your favorite photos and buy some great photo frames and create an artful cluster of artwork on your wall. You could do a theme with specific photo filters, such as black and white or sepia. You could also do something extremely colourful and simply pick your favourite snapshots and have them all put up.


Do you live where there are several seasons that change the look of your landscape? Consider taking these photos and having them put up in a row or cluster on a wall to show off the look of your favourite place in all the seasons.

Wall Photo Clock

Instead of a standard clock, you can purchase ‘hands’ of time and use framed photos as the clock outline.

Words Decals

Words like Family, Love, Home, Memories can be added to a wall in decal form or by being painted and then surrounded by meaningful photographs.

Family Tree

Family tree decals can be added to a wall and then on each branch, a framed photo of a loved one in that family tree.

These are just a few of the ways that photos can be used as wall décor. Creativity can help you make your house feel like even more of a home by using photos of loved ones and favourite memories as wall décor. Visit ArtDotz to shop for wall décor.

Tip: photos can also brighten up your workspace, too. Whether you have an office, a cubicle, or a desk as your workstation, consider bringing the ones closest to you to work by displaying a few frames or photo collages if it’s acceptable to your employer.


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