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November, 2017


Crowdfunding has become very popular, in and outside India. People interested to start small scale business are able to procure a lot of funds with the help of crowdfunding. Now to ask what is crowdfunding, one has to answer that it is basically making use of social networks to get hold of investors and contributors willing to spend their money for a cause. Crowdfunding is helpful for those inexperienced entrepreneurs who lack the resources or the social circles in order to approach the potential investors. It is thus a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to acquire a lot of funds for their projects.

A lot of crowdfunding programmes now come with a reward-based system whereby, the investors are given rewards for their contributions or a chance to be a part of the inauguration of the new product whose launch was aided by their sponsorships. This is to answer the question – “what’s in it for the investors?”. Crowdfunding also comes with equity based systems. It allows start up companies to raise money without giving up control to venture capital investors. It also offers investors the opportunity to earn an equity position in the venture.

A popular website that can be used for crowdfunding is It is Asia’s most visited and trusted fundraising platform online. It has the largest investor community. It offers its customers with all the help needed including tried and tested marketing strategies to help better a fundraising process. To start a fundraiser via Ketto, one does not have to spend a penny because it is absolutely free of cost. Not just that, Ketto also provides you with valuable insights to make your fundraiser a success.

Ketto caters to your publicity needs and also help spread awareness of your fundraiser so that you are able to reach out to a much bigger crowd worldwide. Donation-based crowdfunding is a way to source money for a project by asking a large number of contributors to donate a small amount to it. As a result, it matters less if the amount sponsored by individuals is less as long as the number of supporters is high.

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