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Transportation and Logistics

March, 2017

4 Reasons Why Your Shipment Has Been Delayed

If you’re wondering why your shipment is late, here are a few possible reasons behind it:

Lack of proper documentation

If you’re sending over items that could be deemed on the ‘Hazardous List of Goods’ or even the ‘Banned List of Goods’ for the destination country, then be sure to supply the international freight shipping service you use with the necessary paperwork. Failure to do so can lead to delays and in some cases, the package might not even be sent.

Wrong documentation

Check the documentation before sending a package. A single mistake on the address could lead to a long delay. And the wrong bills, says Forbes, might require you to pay for surcharges, customs holds and other costs. Always double-check the information on the documentation before you send anything.

System issues

If you already have a method for handling and preparing packages and getting them out the door, ready for the international freight shipping service you use, this could make you complacent about system issues and problems. Stay vigilant. Be on the lookout for signs of trouble. Changes in the market can affect your system. You’ll need to constantly update and upgrade to stay on top of things. Don’t stop studying your system for weaknesses. Remember that there’s always a better way to do it.

Poor communication

If you and your shipping service aren’t on the same page, that could be one reason for the delay. Be sure to communicate with your shipping team in a way that’s thorough and specific. Don’t assume anything. Give them the information they need. And always give them plenty of time for the deliveries. If your shipping service provider is always slow to reply or hard to get a hold of, you might want to switch to shipping service that’s much easier to touch base with.

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