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Transportation and Logistics

August, 2016

Get Value For Money From Your International Courier Company

When most people consider an international courier company, they focus primarily on price. While the money you spend is important, it’s more about the value you get for the money you pay. Therefore, you should consider the cost of the service instead of the overall price you pay.

Money Isn’t Everything

For some, money means success or failure, happiness or sadness, and more. While money does make the world go around, when comparison shopping, you have to factor in everything, not just the price. Anyone can put a number on a piece of paper or beside an option online. You must delve deeper into what that price reflects to see if you’re getting value.

The worst thing imaginable is to go with a cheap international courier company that cuts corners to provide you with their services for so little. You could be left with a lost, stolen or broken item, so both you and the recipient are upset.


Couriers should provide a guarantee that is for yours and their benefit. For example, many couriers promise to pay for any damaged goods or lost items. Some will offer a free shipment (you ship something without paying anything) if you have a problem while others don’t offer anything. Make sure to find out about their guarantees and understand them.


It’s also important to read the various policies they provide. For example, if you return something that was delivered to you, what are the rules? What happens if you didn’t receive your package on time?

Customer Service

Even if you don’t have a problem or question, you should still contact customer service before shipping an item with the international courier company. Do they answer the phone in a reasonable amount of time? Are they polite and prompt or do they seem rude or unprofessional?

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