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Transportation and Logistics

November, 2016

How to Deal with Shipping Excess Baggage

With the explosion of social media and electronic devices bringing the global community closer and closer, many people are exploring living in different countries than the one they are used to living in. It’s normal that when you plan to move somewhere, you want many of the comforts of home with you, but this can lead to the necessity of shipping excess baggage.

Airlines Only Allow so Much

As you’re probably aware, commercial airlines only allow a certain number of items when you check in to board your flight. This generally includes one or two small carry-on items and then two to three pieces of luggage that has to be checked in and makes the flight in the cargo hold of the plane. Luggage is also limited by size and weight and it will be weighed prior to it being checked in. If the luggage is too big or weighs too much, you are going to be charged per pound of weight over your allowance, and this can cost you a lot of money for shipping excess baggage.

Know the Limits Ahead of Time

When you know you want to take more to your new home than you can carry in normal luggage, you need to send it another way. If you aren’t sure what the restrictions are, go to the airline website and you will find the amount of weight allowed per passenger, and the size limits for luggage and packages.

Find a Reasonable and Reliable Shipper

Now you need to figure out what you need to ship and find a reasonable and reliable shipping company. Looking online for companies that ship to, or actually are located in, the country you plan to relocate to is the way to go. Be sure to check online reviews, good and bad.

If you are moving to India, Fastway Worldwide Express, India, is one company to check. They offer pick up, packing, door-to-door service from the US and many other countries. They have an excellent reputation for reliability, fabulous customer service, and very competitive rates for shipping excess baggage.

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