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June, 2016

Online Recharge through mobile apps Shortcuts – The Easy Way


What would have life been without mobile apps that we use so frequently? It would have been the same as it was without the mobile apps or applications, isn’t it? “Definitely not!!” is what many of us would respond. The revolution of mobile apps has definitely changed the way our lives were organized. With advent of mobile app technology there is now a flavor of comfort and convenience added to our routines. Speaking about routines, mobile communication and mobile recharging are two irrefutable concepts that we do accept in some way or the other.

Why do we love apps so much?

Apps are smart widgets that help us manage our tasks very well. Talking about mobile apps, these are nothing but computer designed software programs that run on smartphones as well as computer devices. Apps are basically made for handling specific tasks or provide certain utility functions that save much of our manual efforts from and get instant results through quick performance. The reason we like apps is so much evident. WhatsApp for example is a chatting and calling application that has taken the world by storm. Today networking is so much handy due to WhatsApp.

Mobile Apps are like Magic wands

Communicating with people on the mobile phone serves just the basic purpose. Unfortunately, more is needed in today’s world. Everything ranging from calculations to personalization can be done with the help of mobile apps. We are actually carrying a little workstation with us wherever we go. There are apps designed for practically everything. According to a research conducted by Statista, Mobile App store revenues are expected to grow to US$76.5 billion by 2017.

Mobile Top-ups are no longer boring

If you have a mobile recharge app on your phone and you think it’s the only one available, there is a surprising fact waiting for your notice. More than 130 recharge apps are currently being used for top-ups, and this has happened in response to the recent rise of mobile apps that provide customers or mobile users with pure convenience and access to general information.

Somethings that make a mobile recharge app decent

What each one of us seeks from an app is everything. Nonetheless, it’s highly impractical. There are yet some key features that can help you differentiate between a decent and an average mobile recharge app. Some of the standard features that are essentially present in a mobile recharge application are:

  • Personalization of profile

  • Directory where you can save your and other’s mobile numbers and recharge them directly

  • History of previous transactions

  • Balance in your mobile wallet

  • Repeat the previous recharge button

  • Notifications of recharge

  • Detailed break up of mobile usage

  • The app should be authentic and not belonging to a third-party

Additionally, some apps even suggest a suitable recharge plan to the user after evaluation done by the system on the basis of the customer’s usage.

Finding a mobile recharge app for yourself

Give yourself the space and time to select a smart and easy mobile recharge app. An ideal way is to find out is trying the features. If your app is giving you the freedom to top-up on the go with maximum convenience, it’s surely the right one for you. is an online recharge facility that not only enables you to recharge your prepaid mobile phone but also DTH connection and data cards. JRI app is a owned online mobile recharge app that has multiple functions. One can download the app for free and follow a simple three step process to recharge a mobile phone instantly. Just enter your mobile number, select operator and enter amount.

After this you can proceed for payment through various online options including Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking, etc. For quicker payment you can choose to have your recharge done through JRI card, a smart and secure wallet in the cloud. This facility stores your money and funds your recharge without any hassle of repeatedly logging in. It also supports the Repeat-A-Recharge function which is a one tap facility that lets your previously done recharge happen again without entering the same details again. Furthermore, topping-up of the JRI card is a breeze. Simply enter the amount and proceed to transfer funds from your preferred mode of payment. On the app, you also have the facility of checking your recharge history in order to keep track of your spending. So, we have an overall utility designed for avid mobile users.

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