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May, 2016

Questions To Ask International Relocation Services

Moving abroad is not as easy as moving within India. There are additional regulations, requirements and documentation to allow your personal possessions and household contents to cross international borders.

By choosing experienced, professional and reputable international relocation services, the move abroad can be as stress-free as possible. Finding the right movers will be critical, and selecting a company with significant experience in all aspects of international relocation should be a priority.

Finding the Company

One of the best possible ways to find a company that offers top customer service and care of your possessions and household goods is to ask friends, family and coworkers or neighbors for references. It is also a very good idea to ask about moving companies that they would not recommend, as this will help you to develop a short list of potential service providers.

With the short list in place, try to narrow it to two or three, take some time and look online to learn about the company. Compare the services offered and also read independent reviews provided by past customers.

This will typically result in several questions that you may have with regards to your international move. By starting at least a few months in advance of when you need to move you have the time to contact the international relocation services you are interested in and find out the information you need to make a final choice.

Country of New Residence

It will be important to find out if the relocation service under consideration has shipped to the destination country in the past. This is important as different countries have different custom and import regulations which need to be carefully followed to avoid potential complications with trying to get the household items through customs.

By working with a company with experience in shipping into the destination country, you can avoid delays, extra customs fees and even issues with your items being prohibited from being brought into the country. The moving service should be able to provide you with the necessary documents and paperwork to clear customs in your destination country. The best companies will have in-house customs agents, which will eliminate concerns during the process.

Offices Abroad

Another important question to ask of international relocation services is about the service that will be used in the destination country to deliver and unpack your items. Some companies may use third-party moving companies and delivery companies while others work only with trusted affiliates and partners that are carefully vetted before they are considered.

Ask detailed questions and make sure you are fully satisfied with the answers provided before choosing your international mover. With this attention to detail, you will be confident the company you have selected will do a great job, providing you with a stress-free move.

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