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Money Transfers

May, 2017

Send Money To India via online money transfer service provider


A money transfer or a remittance provider is a service that allows you to send money to your family or loved ones who are residing in your home country. Whatever may be the reason to send money to India; the activity can be carried out using your normal retail bank account, international money transfer operators, wire transfers, cheques and even money transfer agents. It is a fact that we all love to provide financial help to our families. It is perhaps the main reason why we struggle so hard. In fact there are plenty of people who leave India, so that they can provide a little extra to their family back home in India.

The process of sending money to the India has increased as a lot of Indians have migrated abroad. The trend has become extremely popular which made people send millions of money every year, which made India the biggest remittance receiver country. From business across the different country to family members who have emigrated for work, there are plenty of reasons for sending money to India. Let us have a look at few aspects of send money:-

Sending money via your bank

If you need to send money to India, an obvious solution would be to use your bank. However, this is by no means the most budget friendly option as your bank will offer you an uncompetitive exchange rate for the send currency and will charge you a significant transfer fee which overall makes this an unnecessarily expensive option.

Sending money via a bureau

Another way people commonly send money to India is through a money sending bureau. This is a fast way to send money and also allows you to send to a recipient without a bank account. However this is another costly option as money sending bureaus also offer poor exchange rates and charge considerable transfer fees which means once again you will not be making the most out of your money.

Sending money via Online money transfer

If you need a cheaper and more convenient way to send money to family in India, Online money transfer option is the ideal solution for you. With online money transfer, money can be sent conveniently and securely online 24/7 from any location; this means that you no longer have to take time out of your schedule to visit the bank and therefore are no longer limited to the opening hours of banks or the inconvenience of queues.

Luckily there is an alternative way to send money to India that will save you both time and money – sending through a remittance service like RemitGuru. What is more, sending money via RemitGuru will save you money as we offer competitive exchange rates without any hidden charges. RemitGuru is said to be the easiest, and most widely recognized remittance service provider that lets you send money to family and relatives with just the tap of a button.

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