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May, 2017

What does quality dry cleaning in Bangalore look like?

Dry cleaning is a method to clean clothes and textiles without using water. But that doesn’t mean that it is a dry process completely. They use solvents. The only reason Laundry stores in Bangalore call it dry because that there is no water involved. This is a huge revelation. So now that the definition of dry cleaning is clear, lets understand what happens to the clothes once they are dropped off at Pressto India.

When we receive your clothes at our store, we first tag the items with a damage-free tag to make sure that we are following the correct care procedure so that you can get all the items back. Then we meticulously study the clothes to see if we can spot other problems like additional stains that are pre-spotted or delicate features of the clothes. After which we load the items into the dry cleaning machine.

At our store we have various dry cleaning machines. One machine is used for dark colored clothing, one machine is only for whites and light colored and one machine is for beaded and delicate items. The important thing for every piece of clothing is to be cleaned in the purest way. There is always a chance for whites to come out brighter than before. At Pressto India dry cleaners, we work hard to make sure that your garments are processed with the utmost quality and care. Most of the dry cleaners don’t distill their solvent, which is time consuming and costly. We always use fresh clean solvent for every load. If you ever had your clothes dry cleaned and your clothes came out to be dingy or grey, this is because the solvent cleanliness and clarity is poor. At all our laundry store in Bangalore and anywhere else in India we make sure that fresh soap, solvent and sizing is used in every load so that your clothes are treated with the care and respect that they deserve.

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