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March, 2016

3 Surprising Ideas To Save Up On A Smartphone’s Battery Power


Smartphones may have made our lives simpler in terms of bringing many things within our reach, but they too have setbacks. For instance the rapid usage of battery power is one such issue. Going for 2 full days without charging our phones now sounds like a myth. These days, if the charge lasts for an entire day then it’s something great. The best way to save battery power is to make less use of our phone, but then that beats the purpose of owning one in the first place.

There are nevertheless, ways to make smartphone batteries last a bit longer. These simple tricks help reduce the battery consumption of our phones so that we are saved from plugging in a charger every few hours. You will find that there are a few phone settings that consume your battery’s power way faster than you think! So here are a few tips to help you conserve the charge and extend the phone’s battery life, while using it.

  • Go for auto brightness

Did you know that the sharp and bright screen of your smartphone that you love is the biggest enemy of your battery? Well, it’s true. Brighter the screen, more is the power consumed. So try and reduce the brightness to the lowest possible level that you can tolerate; or even better, setup auto brightness. This will let your smartphone adjust the brightness automatically in accordance to the ambient light around you.

  • Block Those Mobile Ads!

These days we tend to do most of our surfing and browsing on the go. Meaning, we now use our mobile phones to access the web. Surprisingly, blocking the ads that pop up on websites can save you a lot of battery power. How? Just like any online content, ad images and videos are first downloaded and then displayed on your device. This means more power consumption. So install a reliable ad blocker on your device to enjoy some extended battery life.

  • The Vibration Mode Expends More Battery Power

Many of us feel the need to keep the vibration mode on, to realise that we have an incoming call. Also, many of us prefer to keep our phones only on the vibration mode when in meetings or at movies. Alas, the vibration mode uses a lot more power than the ringtone. So to save some battery power what you can do is switch off the vibration mode, keep the ring volume at the lowest and keep the phone within your view so that you know you have an incoming call or a message when the screen lights up.

These simple hacks should help you save a good chunk of your battery power, so that you can use it for longer. Also, you can spare yourself from waiting for your next Airtel Recharge by getting it online, with All you have to do is register with us and recharge your balance as and when required. Not to forget, there are several other benefits to it, like storing up to 10 Mobile, DTH and Data Card numbers in your account for quick recharging. You can also avail some exciting shopping deals with JRI offers and coupons!

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