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Transportation and Logistics

March, 2016

No Problem when You need to Transport Dangerous and Hazardous Material

Dangerous Goods Shipping

The shipping of dangerous goods and materials is a requirement for many businesses in the world. To be sociably responsible, it must be accomplished in a safe manner. This is one of the reasons why FastWay Worldwide Express is in business.

Why use FastWay Services for the Transport of Dangerous Material

When deciding on a transport service to move your dangerous material from one location to another requires many factors to consider. Not only should you want the package to arrive on time, but also totally intact as it was when it left the original facility. This requires that the personnel in the processing of the package to be properly trained in handling such material. By choosing an ISO 9001 Certified Company, you are assured there is not only a written policy in place for such a process, but it is followed by personnel trained in the procedure. This policy should also adhere to the ICAO, IATA and UIMDG regulations.

How your Package is Transported

The actually moving of a package from one location to another can take many steps and modes of transport involving only trained personnel. The package can be picked up by the service or you can deliver it to their shipping office. The time restrictions of the deliver will then decide how the package is moved. Air transport is the fastest and is affordable, but land and sea options are also available to customers.

When a Package Crosses an International Border

Since laws are different from country to country, paper work is always involved when shipping material from one country to another. FastWay handles all of the customs documents required for the process to go smoothly so the clients can be assured everything is handled in a safe and legal manner. Import and export documents along with the necessary clearances are also handle for the client including the required bookings for the transport.

It does not matter if you’re the dangerous goods you need shipped are liquid or solid, our procedure covers them all. This allows the customer the luxury of just sitting back and waiting till the set deliver date for the confirmation notice that the package has made it to its destination on time and intact.

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