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Transportation and Logistics

January, 2017

3 Things You Get When You Hire a Baggage Shipping Service

Travel can come with a lot of baggage, literally. So if you’re traveling with a group or the entire family, you could end up with a pile of luggage. The New York Times says the U.S. made about 3 billion in checked in luggage fees last 2015. That is a colossal amount of cash.

Imagine the cost of checking in all your bags, then. Too steep for you? It might be better to consider a door-to-door unaccompanied luggage shipping service then.


No need to lug all those bags to the airport by yourselves. There’s a whole lot of difference from stepping out of the car, armed with only your handbag or wallet, passport and mobile phone and coming out of the car, burdened with a pile of bags. The first one ensures you’re relaxed and in the mood to enjoy the start of your vacation. The second one finds you stressed and miserable. So ditch the heavy bags and ship them instead.

Faster travel

You move faster when you’ve got zero bags to worry about. So you can spend more time at the shops, looking around or reading through that guidebook. And when you land? No need to hurry to the baggage claim area to get your bags. After clearing through customs, all you have to do now is find your pickup service at the airport and get ready to check into your hotel. Without checked-in bags, you’ll move so much faster and easier.

Less worries

It’s not unheard of to hear about lost or delayed bags. It’s also nothing new for your bags to come back with new scratches and dents. Airline baggage handlers are well known for their rough treatment of bags. If you’ve got breakable items inside your luggage, it’s better to use an unaccompanied luggage shipping service to make sure they get to where you’re going safe and sound.

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