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January, 2017

The Value of Crowdfunding Websites

Before crowdfunding websites it was very difficult to raise funds. It was a laborious job to raise funds for worthy causes. Online websites allow you to easily set up a fundraiser for a worthy cause even if the cause is to help yourself.  Before these websites, it was very difficult to come up with ways to raise money.  It was a challenge to come up with unique approaches to make your fundraising more interesting than other fundraisers in the area. Today all that has changed -starting a fundraiser is as easy as being able to point and click!

Why It Works
Crowdfunding websites work because they can reach so many people that traditionally you never could have reached using older methods. It is easy for someone to donate to a cause online. They do not have to do anything other than point and click and provide some information, they can literally donate in less than 3 minutes.  Other reasons that this valuable tool works are:

*Anonymity, if a donor does not want anyone to know that they have donated or what they donated.

*It is less work for you to have to deal with

*Sometimes people that you don’t consider normally access your fundraiser and donate to it

There is something that draws people to look at online fundraiser – it may be because there is a sense of anonymity that the online community offers or it may be because there’s no pressure on people to donate.  When someone comes to your fundraiser page, they do not have to speak to anyone, they do not have to listen to anyone, all the content is present for their reference.

It is less work for you to setup an account and raise funds that you need! Funding websites like Ketto work!

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