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Transportation and Logistics

January, 2016

Why Use a Door to Door Delivery Service?

With technological advancement being at an all-time high, our current versions of electronics and automobiles have combined to provide a world where door to door air freight service shipping is not only a possibility, but it is rapidly growing in popularity. With airlines companies gladly raising costs of checking a bag while simultaneously lowering the weight requirement to check a bag, many frequent flyers have turned to this method of shipping for their belongings.

What Door to Door Delivery Involves

When it comes to tracking multiple shipments and guaranteeing shipments arrive during their promised time, there are many different things that go on at once behind the doors of a door to door air freight service. These activities may range from delivery of goods to the empty shipping container for loading, to acquiring and maintain cargo insurance as well as relevant documentation needed for the cargo export.

Advantages to Using a Door to Door Service

Utilizing a door to door air freight delivery service can come with many benefits that are not only cost effective and time saving, but they also help to take away the stress involved in situations involving baggage or moving.

The majority of door to door delivery companies are flexible when it comes to delivery times, and most even often a guaranteed delivery window or set delivery time. These times can range from company to company, but there are typically 1 day to 5 days in transit time. These time frames help to put a worried mind at ease, and insurance options to protect the belongings from damages, loss, or getting dropped mean that you will still be getting what’s worth of your belongings if the unfortunate were to happen to them.

Shipment tracking is also a benefit that is offered when utilizing this type of service, and is typically included in most shipping packages. It can go without saying that tracking a shipment is extremely important, even if it isn’t included in cost.

Final Points

Moving and relocating is very stressful and complicated enough without having to worry about what is happening with your belongings. Thankfully, a cost effective and efficient alternative exists when it comes to moving an entire house worth of belongings, or just those going on a vacation trip. To reduce stress and worry while getting great customer service and proper handling and care of your belongings, strongly consider consulting a door to door air freight service for your moving and baggage relocation needs.

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